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Tadley, RG263LG
Mulfords Hill

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В брой ПОС терминал DKV

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Гориво Цена
Unleaded 1,261 £/л
Дизелово гориво Diesel 1,294 £/л

цените са предоставени от потребител на Fuelo.net на 12.02.2019г. 10:02

Amazing Gamer
Google Places© на 13.02.2019

Easy access due to being near a main road

Vincenzo D'Urso
Google Places© на 15.01.2019

good place for a subway.

Gregory Pamphile
Google Places© на 02.01.2019

Handy services contains public conveniences, a convenience store, a Subway sandwich unit and a Greggs bakery unit.

Andrew Clark
Google Places© на 02.12.2018

Staff friendly but prices suck balls. Prices always at top end of the scale, I prefer Gales Garage, lowest around Tadley area.

Malcolm Brown
Google Places© на 10.06.2018

Fuel, shop and fast food.

Tom Sutton
Google Places© на 10.06.2018

I went for fuel and polo mints.. I came back with a phone charger, tablet holder, e-cig and massive bag of Haribo.. all very useful when I ran out of fuel 40 minutes later.

I know how much I do not know yet.
Google Places© на 09.02.2018

Very solid diesel fuel. I am pleasantly surprised by such a high quality.

Rob Cannings
Google Places© на 30.12.2017

It's about what you'd expect from a fuelling station only with nicer, more friendly staff.

Pete J
Google Places© на 27.11.2017

Centrally located good opening times. Sells food and coffee

Saire Marmite
Foursquare© на 25.11.2011

They have an ongoing deal, loaf of bread and 2 pints of milk for £2, great when needed late at night.

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