province Divaca

in province Divaca you can refuel in the following settlements:

Divača(1) Senožeče(1)

Fuel/Price Unleaded 95 Diesel Unleaded 98 CNG
average price for the country 1,306 €/l 1,261 €/l 1,433 €/l 0,971 €/kg
Average for Divaca 1,301 €/l 1,257 €/l 1,42 €/l 0,983 €/kg
OMV OMV DIVAČA, Kolodvorska 1 DIVAČA Kolodvorska 1 A95 DSL CNG A98
OMV OMV SENOŽEČE, Senožeče 10a SENOŽEČE Senožeče 10a A95 DSL