province Izola-Isola

in province Izola-Isola you can refuel in the following settlements:


Fuel/Price Unleaded 95 Diesel LPG Unleaded 98 CNG
average price for the country 1,293 €/l 1,264 €/l 0,580 €/l 1,416 €/l 0,974 €/kg
Average for Izola-Isola 1,286 €/l 1,260 €/l 0,573 €/l 1,41 €/l 0,986 €/kg
OMV OMV IZOLA, Prešernova 7c IZOLA Prešernova 7c A95 DSL A98
OMV OMV IZOLA, Prešernova 2a Izola Prešernova 2a A95 DSL CNG A98
Petrol Petrol BS Jagodje - jug Izola Jagodje 10 A95 DSL LPG A98+
Petrol Petrol BS Jagodje - sever Izola Jagodje 9 A95 DSL A98+
Petrol Petrol BS Izola Mandrač Izola Veliki trg 1a A95 DSL
Petrol Petrol BS Izola Industrijska Izola Industrijska cesta 9b A95 DSL LPG A98+