province Crnomelj

in province Crnomelj you can refuel in the following settlements:

Črnomelj(4) Vinica(1)

Fuel/Price Unleaded 95 Diesel LPG Unleaded 98
average price for the country 1,301 €/l 1,243 €/l 0,589 €/l 1,419 €/l
Average for Crnomelj 1,292 €/l 1,237 €/l 0,589 €/l 1,41 €/l
OMV OMV ČRNOMELJ, Belokranjska c. 18a ČRNOMELJ Belokranjska c. 18a A95 DSL A98
Petrol Petrol BS Črnomelj - Kočevje Črnomelj Kočevje 22b A95 DSL LPG A98+
Petrol Petrol BS Črnomelj - Belokranjska Črnomelj Belokranjska cesta 1 A95 DSL A98+
MaxEN MaxEN Črnomelj Crnomelj Ul. Heroja Stariha A95 DSL
Petrol Petrol BS Vinica Vinica pri Črnomlju Vinica 61 A95 DSL