province Pesnica

in province Pesnica you can refuel in the following settlements:

Pesnica pri Mariboru(2) Pernica(1)

Fuel/Price Unleaded 95 Diesel Unleaded 98
average price for the country 1,306 €/l 1,261 €/l 1,433 €/l
Average for Pesnica 1,342 €/l 1,285 €/l 1,48 €/l
OMV OMV Station Pesnica Pri Mariboru Sp. Dobrenje 41 a A95 DSL A98 DSL+
OMV OMV Station Sdobrenje Ost Pesnica Pri Mariboru A1 / E57 A95 DSL A98 DSL+
Petrol Petrol BS Vosek Pernica Vosek 22a A95 DSL A98+